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Hire an agile IT professional to help you grow your product and build the next big thing.

We can assist you in finding the right IT professional.

About us

We are an independent company built by software developers with solid experience, from small to large scale systems. Our experience is our strongest asset which helps us to balance the trade-off between time-to-market and quality. Together, we set common goals that we work for on a daily basis.

Our experience span over different industries like FinTech, HealthTech and Telecom. TechPals is characterized by a "just do it" mentality, and we do not turn away from complicated and difficult challenges, on the contrary, we thrive best there.

Our passion

Is to build software the right way. This makes us evolve.

Our priority

Is to build the right product for our clients. This makes us grow.

Our goal

Is to find great IT talents for our clients and enable them to deliver great products.

Why us?

Remote First

We are a remote first company so our employees get to work from wherever they want.

EU based

Even though we are a remote first company our employees are based in EU, so we are GDPR compliant.


We know how to handle data with respect and security is always our top priority

Our Values


We might not work together all the time, but we always act like a team. In TechPals we communicate, we share knowledge, we help each other, we show respect for different opinions, we celebrate milestones and include everyone towards one goal. We believe that you can get further together when you act as a team.


We have solid standards and we stick to them no matter what. We rely on honesty, transparency, trustworthiness to achieve accountability.


In TechPals, we always walk the extra mile for our customers, we pay attention to detail and always strive for simplicity without sacrificing quality.


Our customers and their business are our key to success, thus, their products are our top priority. We treat them as if those products were ours, with all respect and love that our customers show to them.

Our Competences